What is Gisto?

Gisto is a code snippet manager that runs on GitHub Gists and adds additional features such as searching, tagging and sharing gists while including a rich code editor.

Gisto is cross platform and is in constant sync with GitHub so you can view and edit your Gists via both Gisto and GitHub.


Gisto authenticates to GitHub by using basic authentication over SSL and retrieving an oAuth2 token thus the need for your GitHub user and password.

Gisto only saves the oAuth2 token received after authenticating and nothing else. If you would rather to supply your own access token without providing Gisto your login details you may manually create an access token from the account settings at GitHub and login using the generated token.

This token will be saved permanently until you log out.

Do you use backend server?

Gisto is using GitHub gist API and communicates directly with Github, no 3rd party server or database involved in gist management.

However we do use a backend server for "notifications and sharing service", the only data stored is username and gist ID and this is to allow Gisto to notify user if there are Gists shared with him.

You also have the option of running your own notification server so you can be sure your data is secure.

Who can see my Gists?

As per GitHub Guidelines Gists are not private and are available to the public.

The difference between secret and public Gists is that public Gists are listed on GitHub website for public viewing and searching while secret Gists are not

Use gisto as portable application on windows?

Please note this instructions refers to legacy version (up to v0.3.2)

For a non-installer version of Gisto, you can:

  • Download a ZIP file of Windows Version from Gisto "Nightly" builds: build.gistoapp.com and extract it to some directory of your choosing.
  • Create a empty file in directory you've extracted Gisto ZIP named gisto.bat
  • Edit gisto.bat file and add the following content: gisto.exe --data-path="./gistoData"
  • Start Gisto by double-click the gisto.bat file.

You have now your portable version of Gisto and all data will be saved in directory named gistoData, relative to path where you are running Gisto from.

In order to update portable Gisto - just download new version ZIP and extract it by overwriting the existing files.

Do you plan to support / add support for [future-name-here]?

Please open a feature request in our issue tracker, we appreciate and strive for suggestions on how to improve Gisto.

Issues, bug reporting, pull and feature requests

Please feel free to add a bug / feature request / suggestions to the issue tracker. Pull requests are also very welcome as well.

How to contact us

Twitter: @gistoapp

Email: [email protected]

Issue tracker: Issue tracker at GitHub