• This version consist of a total rewrite of Gisto. Some features are still in a completion stage.


  • Due to recent Github changes in TLS policies, for now we provide runnable binaries installers for all the platform. Installers for all platform will be released through the regular channels soon after


  • FEATURE (jsbin support): Add support to open Gists with JSBIN - Thanks to @ryanpcmcquen
  • FEATURE (editor indentation): Add ability to adjust how many spaces are the editor indentation.
  • FEATURE (single gist): Add an option to copy raw gist url to the clipboard.
  • FEATURE (gist creation): Add an option to set defaults for public or private for new gists.
  • FEATURE (gist creation): Add language (syntax highlighting) dropdown to create gist screen.
  • FIX (tags): Fix duplicates error when a gist has 2 tags with the same name.
  • FIX (gist creation): Add validation to disallow creating gists with no files.
  • FIX (fork): Fix tags not showing in the list after forking a gist.
  • FIX (notification messages): Fix notifications overlapping if there is more than one notification active at a time.
  • IMPROVE (angular): Update angular to version 1.3.5
  • IMPROVE (syntax highlighting): Update syntax highlighters to support more languages.


  • FEATURE (gist polling): Add polling to update changed gists
  • FEATURE (enterprise): Add GitHub Enterprise support
  • FEATURE (enterprise): Add ability to use a custom notification server
  • FEATURE (hotkeys): Add keyboard shortcuts, press ? to see available shortcuts
  • FEATURE (toggle file content): You can now fold and unfold certain file in gists
  • FEATURE (editor): Add option to wrap editor lines
  • FEATURE (single gist): Add "Copy link to clipboard" for whole gist
  • FEATURE (editor): Add .adoc and .asciidoc syntax highlighting
  • IMPROVE (settings): Settings changes are now reflected immediately
  • IMPROVE (version checking): Better version checking
  • UI (settings): Change checkboxes to toggles in settings screen
  • UI (settings): Add indication that settings were saved or imported.
  • UI (theme): Fix input and select colors on dark themes
  • UI (notifications): Add default avatar to Gisto share notifications
  • UI (fonts): Fix default fonts in windows
  • UI (revisions dialog): Fix Revisions popup UI location
  • FIX (gists pagination): Fix gists pagination to pull all pages instead of stopping at 10 pages resulting in not all gists shown.
  • FIX (editor) Ace Editor cursor wrongly placed when UI zoom is other than 100%
  • FIX (API): Fix Delete not generating correct url
  • FIX (gist list): Fix icons (star and private) not showing in gist list
  • FIX (rename gist files): Prevent files from duplicating themselves when being renamed
  • FIX (tags): Allow use of tags such as C# F#
  • FIX (settings): Fix settings screen is not able to scroll down
  • FIX (revisions): Fix revision history link
  • FIX (shared gist view): Fix links to the gist when viewing a shared gist


  • FEATURE (editor): add vim mode
  • FIX (create gist): Fix text overflowing from the description field
  • FIX (single gist): wrong direct link for uppercase characters in filename or extension
  • FIX (editor): paste now updates correctly in the angular file model
  • FIX (edit mode): Edit mode is now canceled upon route change
  • FIX (Open file in browser): Open file in browser is now opening correctly


  • FEATURE (settings): add export/import of user settings
  • FEATURE (settings): add export/import of user settings
  • FEATURE (single gist): show fork info if gist is forked
  • FEATURE (share gist): add auto-completion to share gist
  • FEATURE (editor): add preview of markdown
  • UI (big files): add indication of big file
  • UI (css): add markdown css
  • UI (css): update text fields to reflect valid/invalid state
  • FIX (editor): fix font size settings issue
  • FIX (dotfiles in gist): fix links of dotfiles
  • FIX (gist API): gisto fail to handle files >1MB
  • FIX (deleting a file): local copies of files now properly delete when not yet saved to GitHub
  • FIX (drag & drop): drag area disappears on drag cancel
  • FIX: Files that do not exist in github do not send a patch request upon deletion.
  • FIX: Fix not being able to save when there is an empty file in create screen.
  • FIX (single gist): notify upon Error when creating gist + validate filename with regex.
  • FIX (single gist): URLs of gist API for single gist view.
  • FIX (single gist): #81 where username was incorrectly pulled from json causing gist file url appear with no username parameter thus double slash.


  • Fix: Editor overflow where pasted text would appear visually broken
  • Fix: Better controll of editor size - line based
  • Update: ACE editor with additions to 2 new themes and a few new highlighters
  • Fix: When Cancelling a gist edit now the gist is returned to original state
  • New: Emmet and status bar plugins to ace editor
  • New: Drag & drop support for folders and sub-folders
  • New: Auto completion to ace editor (enable from settings)
  • New: Range selector to control application size in settings. Fixes #69
  • New: Confirmation when deleting a file from a gist. Fixes #76.
  • Update: Comments are now paginated due to changes in GitHub API.


  • Fix: Fixed Fork gist bug
  • Fix: Switch token generation to the new oAuth token generation per application
  • New: Copy gist ID to clipboard
  • Small UI/CSS fixes
  • Repository maintains


  • Fix: Text selection is now disabled on appropriate parts of the application, making a more streamlined native feel. Thanks to @tusharmath.
  • New: You are now able to browse gists revisions and link to specific revisions of your gists.
  • New: Allow to change the state of an existing gist from private to secret and vice versa.
  • Fix: Dates meta on single gist toolbar now adopt more responsive design and should not break on small resolutions.
  • New: You can now post and delete (your own) comments on gists within Gisto with markdown preview.
  • Fix: Removing a gist after editing but not applying any changes now works.
  • Fix: Notifications now clear when switching between users on a single session.
  • New: Added the ability to disable animations. Thanks to @juristr
  • New: Users without gravatar will now user the identicon generated by GitHub
  • Fix: Optimized settings service layer performance and will now respond better to slower network connections.
  • Fix: User preferences do not delete when a user logs out, all the application specific settings are kept.
  • New: Added the ability to login with a manual oAuth2 token generated by GitHub Account settings for users that do not wish to user the current authentication system.


  • Bugfix: edit mode now exits properly when logging out inside edit mode
  • Bugfix: Fixed bug with gists not saving properly when adding new files to gists at some cases
  • Modification: Changed discard notification icon to a trash can to better visualize the intent of the button
  • Feature: Added 2-factor-authentication (2FA) support to support new GitHub functionality


  • Gisto users can now share gists to each other easily! just hit the send button and enter a github username of the person you want to share with. The user will be immdiatly notified and can view/fork the gist!
  • Open in plunker, You can now load gists with 1 click into plunker, if the gist contains web files (html, css, js) it automatically loads and runs them!
  • Added more themes, syntax modes and new adjustable settings to the editor.
  • Editors height are now based on file height and minimum and maximum height can be adjusted in the settings.
  • Added "Edit Mode" for unobstructive file editing. when changes are detected to a file the sidebar closes allowing you to focus on the code.
  • Added drop-down with file list in single gist view to ease navigation between files.
  • Added "Copy embed code to clipboard".
  • Added a delete button to files in create new gist screen.
  • Added online/offline indicator to show status of notifications server.
  • Bugfix: 404 bad requests.
  • Added a check to see if a gist has comments, if there are none a request for the comments isn't sent.
  • Gists are now saved only when changes are detected to prevent a revision increment with no changes.
  • Added registration link to GitHub for those who do not yet have a GitHub account.
  • Bugfix: positioning of data and revision data in single gist for low resolutions.
  • Gist tags are now added to the list when creating a new gist.
  • Gravatar not cached after user logout and another user logging in right after.
  • Drag & Drop is now working in create gist.
  • Added caching to github username and updated gravatar so it can appear in the main screen.
  • See more at: https://www.gistoapp.com/changelog/


  • Added indication to gist list for stared gists.
  • Notify if empty file is to be saved.
  • Add "Open file at GitHub Gist website" to gist files.
  • Added animations for more aesthetic experience.
  • Small UI fixes.
  • Updated angular UI to angular-ui utils 0.0.3.
  • Updated starred gists to update only when gists finished loading.
  • Improved efficiency when loading multiple gist pages.


  • Added version checker
  • Rewrote the save function of application settings to be more versatile.
  • Changed appearance of main application screen.
  • Changed notifications to bottom right corner in order to avoid movement of the entire screen.
  • Updated node-webkit to version 0.6.0/Chromium 28